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2022 Creativity and Promise Scholarship winner Clare Matthews

Clare Matthews with ‘Shower’ (mixed media)

Clare paints contemporary landscapes with rich layers and subtle textures. She is interested in capturing a feeling or mood in her work rather than directly referencing a particular place. She uses layers of colour, line, gestural marks and quiet spaces with subtle tonal shifts to evoke a rich viewing experience. She works in acrylics, oil pastel, charcoal and collage.

Clare began to create work twenty years ago, experimenting with styles and media. On a course three years ago, she learned to tap into how she feels when painting, to enjoy and immerse herself in the materials and process, not think about outcome or audience. It transformed her work into a more abstract style using layers, colour and texture that in turn captures the feeling of landscape, weather, light, and shapes on the canvas.

In 2018, Clare won the Friends of Pātaka Open Award. She is now committed full-time to her painting, has found her audience and exhibits and sells her work across New Zealand. 

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