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2022 Jane Hyder Painting Award winner Adele Matthews

Jane Hyder, left with Adele Matthews and her painting ‘Beyond’ (acrylic) 

Adele has been an art teacher and HOD Art most of her adult life, as well as a fashion designer and weaver, so patterns have been a central preoccupation. When she started painting seriously in 1996, she combined pattern with her love of the Waikato bush she spent many years in. As her practice evolved, she discovered that incorporating patterns into her paintings created a feeling of movement, enhanced by the layering and textures of paint.

In ‘Beyond’ Adele set out to create the feeling of being in the bush. “Pattern, colour and light in the natural world fascinate me. The relationships formed between landscape and bush contrast and complement each other. Our own stories are woven into the fabric of the landscape. Your threads, and mine, are linked inextricably to others. We are a partnership with the land.

“From my basis as a weaver, I see the relationships formed between ourselves and the land, contrasting and complimenting each other. This forms the basis of my paintings. Land has a spiritual significance, it should evoke memories, there are stories to be told: there is an emotional bond between the land and myself.”

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