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2022 Open & First Time Entry Awards winner Roger Hayman

Roger Hayman with his award-winning photograph ‘Family Portrait’. 

“I saw a man with the rings waiting at a bus stop and he allowed me to photograph his hands. He held his hands up for a shot but I asked him to put them back on his lap. I took this shot as the bus pulled in. I gave him my card and invited him to contact me so I could give him a print but he has not been in touch.”

Roger has been taking photographs for 50 years, as a member of various camera clubs, putting images into their shows. Two years ago, in 2020 he had his first exhibition at Thistle Hall, has taken photography seriously since, and now regards himself as a fine art photographer. He is drawn to strong images and likes to do large prints, at about 1.5m x 1m.

He has always been interested in medium format high resolution film and digital cameras which, with images at up to 150 megapixels, allow him to use techniques that bring out the detail of an image. In the case of his winning photograph, Roger used a macro lens about 30 cm from the hands and rings, which captured the detail of the man’s skin. He does the processing himself, though not the printing.

Roger would like to connect with the man he photographed at the Johnsonville bus stop in December 2021. 

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